Paluani - Italian Pastry

Artisanal Traditional Italian Pastry

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Paluani has been creating artisan Traditional Italian Pastry with passion since 1921. In almost 100 years of experience Paluani has learned that the ingredients are the basis of all the great recipes: this is why they select them with care and respect, using only the best Eggs, Italian Milk and Mother Yeast. A choice of quality and a commitment that is renewed every day. 

Paluani's three oldest ingredients: slow leavening, natural cooling and the extraordinary experience of their pastry chefs. This is how every Paluani product becomes a taste of joy for you since 1921.

Goodness means safety for Paluani, thanks to more than 50,000 checks made by their laboratory and other quality choices such as not using hydrogenated fats and palm oil.

Paluani is IFS, ISO 9001, BRC, and Green Energy Certified, and its products are GMO-free.

Apricot Croissants
Paluani - Italian Pastry
Cherry Croissants
Paluani - Italian Pastry
Small Pandoro
Paluani - Italian Pastry
Soft Doughnut with crunchy frosting Pali Veneziani
Paluani - Italian Pastry
Wild Berries Croissants
Paluani - Italian Pastry
Classic Croissants
Paluani - Italian Pastry

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