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It all began with Enrico Guzzini, who drew on his experience abroad to give fresh impulse to an ancent craft: the creation of exquisite objects in ox horn.

In 1938, another Guzzini generation introduced Plexiglas into the manufacture of items for the home. Ever since then, our history has been one of milestones in innovation.

In the early 1960s, the new idea was the use of moulding acrylics, and then in the 1980s, the development of two-colour printing of acrylic sheets, with the big innovation of gas-assisted injection moulding in 1990s. Innovation was extended further with subsequent investigation of new and recycled plastics and their infinite potentials.

What interests us is the future of us all, of the planet and of resources

Guzzini is the first firms in the world to produce new beauty from reused materials: under the circle program, they invest in research, technology and design in the rebirth of the environment, and the new challenge of regenerating and transforming it by giving objects new life. Circle comprises eco-sustainable products with the best functional performances. It is a complex, high-precision procedure which processes recycled materials.

So with Circle, value is given circularity: objects become tools, central to the relations between people and environment, lasting use and reuse. This means regenerating; it means producing things with their recovery, and a new formal and functional purpose, in mind.

Coffee and Infusions Maker
Coffee and Infusions Maker

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